Current Tuition Rates

You will find that King of Kings Lutheran School is one of the best values in private Christian preschool and elementary education in Orange County. Reasonable registration fees, multiple child discounts, and even referral discounts all add to the value.

Although the cost of education continues to rise, the generous regular offerings of the congregational members of King of Kings Lutheran Church help to keep a private Christian education at our school as affordable as possible. King of Kings uses TADS Online Tuition Management to collect payments from families.

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Kindergarten – 8th GRADE 2017-18 

Registration Fee
$250.00 – Per Student
Multi-payment fee $45,00*
*waived if tuition is paid in full or in two installments.

This fee is to help cover the cost of school materials used by our students.
It enables us to update our curriculum through the systematic replacement of old textbooks.

2017-18 Tuition Rates
1 Student         $5,393.00
2 Students**       $9,775.00
3 Students**       $13,375.00

**Rates for multiple children apply only to children of the same immediate family.

Athletic/Playground Equipment Fee
$10.00 per student (K-8)

 Day Care Fees
$6.00 (per hour/per child)


The Tuition & Fees policy of King of Kings school is as follows:

  • Tuition installments are to be paid in full on the date each month that you choose during registration. Note: A late fee of $29 is assessed if tuition for any month is more than two weeks late.
  • Registration fees (along with the first tuition installment) are due to be paid in full upon the child’s enrollment in school on the day of registration.
  • A family cannot be enrolled unless all monies owed from the previous year are paid, unless approved by the Elder of School Administration, Jim DellaLonga.
  • Checks returned due to insufficient funds (NSF) result in a $35.00 service charge. Receipt of two NSF checks result in the acceptance of cash, cashier’s check, or money order only.
  • A written notice is issued for each account that is not current. If the account is not brought current within two weeks of the due date, the child(ren) may be suspended. Three suspensions for non/late payment of tuition result in the loss of the privilege of attending school.