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Before- and After-School Daycare

With the challenging, busy schedules of parents and guardians today, King of Kings Lutheran School offers both before and after-school daycare services. Before-school daycare begins at 7:00 AM and after-school daycare begins when the school day closes at 3:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. These hours are subject to change, based on need.

Before and After School Care Rates:
$8.00 per hour/per child (prorating not available).
Flat rate $25/day or $125/week (no refunds on flat rate payments)


King of Kings Lutheran School offers participation in a variety of interscholastic sports to students in grades three to eight. We presently offer basketball and volleyball. Each year, our school also takes part in special track meets for students.

All parents are encouraged to attend the games and cheer for King of Kings!

Students who do not maintain appropriate grades may be restricted from participating at their teacher’s discretion.


Forensics is a program offered to students in grades three to eight who enjoy public speaking or to those who are looking to hone their skills in that arena. Students can choose from a variety of categories in which to compete, including prose, news reporting, moments in history, group acting, demonstration, storytelling, and more.

The forensics program at King of Kings Lutheran School is done in preparation for the Annual Fine Arts Fair, which is held at California Lutheran High School in Wildomar, CA. The students practice both at home and at school. As a warm-up, participating students sometimes perform their forensics activity first at King of Kings Lutheran School with an audience of parents, teachers, congregational members, and fellow students.

Teachers, parents, and students work together to coach, judge, and supervise the students who participate in this program.


All students at King of Kings Lutheran School participate in choir. Singing and performances occur throughout the year. On a quarterly basis, students sing as a group for the congregation’s Sunday service and are expected to attend.

A band/recorder after school program is offered. Students learn to

play a recorder and progress to either brass or reed instruments. There is no fee for this except students supply their own instrument. Piano teachers are available after school for a nominal fee. These lessons are taught by retired teachers.

Parent Teacher Organization

King of Kings Lutheran School has a Parent Teacher Organization, which meets regularly during the school year. This group helps with organizing fundraisers for the school, as well as running campus events and activities for the school and its sponsoring organization, King of Kings Lutheran Church.