An Accredited School with High Academic Standards

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation (WELSSA) has established the standards for accrediting our school. These standards and the WELSSA Commission have been formally recognized and approved by the National Council for Private School Accreditation. NCPSA has established accreditation procedures to facilitate the appropriate application, review, and recognition of qualified and credible accrediting associations serving private schools.

We have proven compliance with WELSSA’s educational standards and are a member in good standing. Schools working toward accreditation must complete a comprehensive self-study, host a site visit team of educators outside the school every five years, and develop and implement a school improvement plan to maintain accreditation. The school files an annual report detailing their progress in meeting their goals and staying in compliance with the WELSSA standards.

Standards to be met include:

  • The School's Mission and Implementation
  • The School’s Relationship with the Congregation
  • The School’s Relationship with the Home
  • The School’s Relationship with the Students
  • The School’s Relationship with the Community
  • The School’s Relationship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • The School’s Plan for Enrolling Students
  • School Climate
  • School Governance and Administration
  • Professional Personnel (Faculty and Support Staff)
  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Student Services
  • Physical Facilities
  • Information Management