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At King of Kings Lutheran Preschool we're dedicated to guiding children on a successful journey from home to kindergarten. We understand that the preschool transition is a crucial phase in a child's development, and our specially designed program is here to help. 

With Christ-center curriculum and age appropriate, hands-on learning, our experienced educators are ready to support your child's educational success. Discover how our approach can benefit your child.

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K-8 Elementary School

At King of Kings Lutheran School, we offer a unique educational experience that centers around Jesus Christ and prepares students for the 21st century. Our multi-grade classroom setting provides a real-world learning environment that extends beyond traditional education.

Our commitment to Christ-centered faith, active engagement, and holistic development ensures that your child receives a comprehensive education that extends beyond the classroom. Discover K-8 education that goes beyond the ordinary. 

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Mission Statement

Empowered by God’s Word, King of Kings Lutheran School exists to assist parents and families by educating, equipping, and encouraging children for this life and eternity.

Alumni Survey

If you are a former student of King of Kings Lutheran School, we'd love to hear from you and see where God has led you. Please take a moment to help us continue to improve our educational mission by completing this short survey:

Crusaders Store

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